I am a psychologist, and many people I see live with chronic pain from Illness, and specific chronic medical conditions that are not going to disappear, but are life-long in their diagnosis. People can climb into bed, ruminate, and pull in to themselves, or instead of re-treating, move on to the best of their abilities. These people with life long medical issues are brave individuals who move on in spite of their conditions. Sometimes comfort does not subside, and men and women alike learn to live and deal with it.

There is anger, frustration, and sadness of not being able to do all the things you might desire in life.

Some people need medication to assist them in their daily lives. There is some shame from society in that necessity. Those I have known have been deeply grateful to physicians providing the relief that the deeply painful conditions make. Many people are given mega doses of steroids through IV’s,, and lidocaine patches and oral steroids . There is a stigma in our society that chagrins the use of drugs. (lets be clear. the people who are deeply in need because of chronic and painful medical conditions are not the ones you hear about on the news who are out of control. Our society must differentiate between the chronically and painful conditions that people live with, and those that take drugs for addiction.)  If anything, I see people who would rather suffer than sometime take the medication given to them to relieve pain.  It is because of this stigma, that I write this.  lets be clear that there is a clear differentiation of those who are addicted and those that need medication for surviving a life with the aid of pain relief.

medications can be as uncomfortable as the problem.  Steroids have many side affects.

There are those with glaucomma who have had surgeries and still have lost their sight, take eye medications, which can cause  internal side effects.  There are surgeries for glaucomma and steroids for other problems dealing with the eyes, referring to  glaucomma.  People with neuropathy from diabetic or other issues, make people’s feet numb.  There are thousands of side issues as a result of disease and medications to help the very issues that are being treated, but there are side effects.  People I know live with this, and go on, and have very positive attitudes.

Some people with glaucoma can’t read easily, and thankfully the of inventions of reading a book on a device, which helps distract from what is going on.  That still can take us into another world.

Many of us, who have restrictions, nevertheless want to give their help to others.  Call it what you want, an aid, helping others to cope.  Self fulling yourself helping others is medication for the soul.

Bottom line. I have come to believe, that it is what it is.  Do I get angry?  Am I frustrated because I cannot see like I did a few years ago?  Yes, you bet.  But, I too in writing this, hopefully am inspirational and instead of wallowing in anger and “how can we all deal with this, and go on to productivity.?” Yes we must and we can and we certainly can help others.  DI