High Up and Sitting Down!

Why High Up?  it is pretty obvious, we look up at a giraffe because we are so enlightened by the marvel of nature.  This animal is the tallest in the animal kingdom.  Their height is used to good advantage to browse on leaves and buds in treetops that few other animals can reach.  Even the giraffe’s tounge is long!  Their tounges help them get jucy things from branches.  They eat pounds of food each week, and travel miles to find enough food.

Their height gives them the advantage of looking for predators.  Disadvantages are that it is dangerous for a giraffe to drink at a water hole.They have to spread their legs and bend in an awkward stance that makes them vulnerable to predators like Africa’s cats.  They need water only every several days.  They fasciante me to photograph, with their beautiful spotted coats.  No two look alike or have the same patterns.  Bulls sometimes battle with one another, by butting heads with their long necks and heads.

The one that I have photographed is a giraffe that  fascinated me. His walk was slow, and his eyes watched everything. He was photographed in captivity at the Zoo in San Diego, .

Max, the Orranagatan was photographed at the Los Angeles County Zoo.  I love animals, and love to photograph them.  I waited days for him to come up close to my lens.

Both of these animals above, photographs by Diane Isaacs, and digitally and artistically changed…DI



max and his friend

max and his friend

Photos and art work on canvas by Diane Isaacs