Depression & Coping in our Society!


Sometimes the sky is dark, but sometimes the clouds are after rain, and the skies will turn blue again, just like moods.

As a treating psychologist, depression is one of the first questions I ask after obtaining, the necessities, and a questionnaire as to why they are here for me to help them.

Depression is a major component.  If in fact, someone is suffering from depression and they come into my office for that specific issue, I have a mirage of questions to ask.

It is not uncommon now in our society, with so many electronic changes, school changes, choices, and competition of who has more and looking over ones shoulders, and changing of jobs, houses, locations, and our society in general, with more demands I think than ever.  I could go on and on, and then there is the others who have very little to survive on or have lost a loved one, and has a loved one who has been in the many wars, and comes back feeling stuck, lost and yes depressed, (our vets returning with PTSD) and their families, who think things will just automatically go back to the way they were before their loved ones left.  not so!


Think of something beautiful!

There is also the issues of growing older, and all that entails with the many challenges and changes that alone entails.  There are our children of many ages who still might need guidance.  Perhaps we as parents wish to be done with that.  Are we ever finished?

I could go on, but I think if you are reading this, that you get the ideas.  Much of our society can and is depressed.

Some of the questions I might ask, are:  Are you pleased with your life, or do you feel sad?  Do you have trouble staying awake, or sleeping to much? How do you feel about yourself?  Do you feel lonely?  If you are having very sad thoughts, what are they? What are some of your dreams about? Do you suffer from a disease or have chronic pain that nags and nags?

IMG_2513 - Copy

clouds after the rain

clouds after the rain

For me, I usually give a patient a scale of one thru ten.  I ask them one being great and l0 being over the top, where they are on that scale?

if the pain seems intense to me, and one has not already sought help medically for medication, I might refer them for medications in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapy.

I also have to evaluate how truthful someone is about saying they have a 2, meaning a low in my depression scale when they really might be a 7.


If you are reading this and feeling you are stuck, sad, depressed, and in need of help, either seek out the help, or ask a friend, or in the meantime, change your behavior on your own.


You can make lemonade out of lemons!


If you are around negative people in your life, and you are feeling frustrated, with relating to these people, perhaps you might cope better, by changing who you are spending time with in your friendships.  One needs to be around positive people.  A very hard thing to do, when the people are your family.  (that too, is a good time to bring a loved one into a psychologists office to ascertain how more positivity and joy can be brought into the relationship.

Do the things you enjoy, and yes we have things we do not like to do, but surround yourself with some joyful things.

It is important to think about flexibility in relationship with family and friends….(a give and take attitude)

Visualize calmness in your life.  Play some music, that is calming, or listen to a relaxation tape, with learning to deep breath.  This can be done on your own.

many times people need to be by themselves to think, contemplate, re-live, rest, reflect, and generally rest, and “cool off.”

There are things we all can do, with a mild case of the blues, and the above are some suggestions.  Perhaps you can evaluate by yourself, on a scale of one thru ten, how you are depression wise, or are you anxious?  If you are into denial to even evaluate, then you might think about getting help from a psychologist or a therapist, for a short term to help you separate your own weeds.

Other things, that can help one who is feeling down, or sad, are being aware of the situations that you know will be coming up that might upset you.  What can you do to take charge of your own feelings?  Are you going to be at a function with people who are upsetting to you?  Do you really have to go?  Can you figure out a way to proceed to the function, telling yourself inside, that you are going to take charge of your own feelings, and time you spend?  Taking charge of your own intentions and following thru on your actions is a certain possibility, and difficult to do.  If you proceed to do this, think through all your actions before doing them

If you are in a situation, that is uncomfortable, and you know in your soul, the possibilities, then ask for help, and assistance before you get started, and frustrated.

More importantly, wait fifteen minutes before responding to anything that bothers you.  Do not speak or act out anything that bothers you…In otherwards, take a time out and cool down.

Many people say “depressed” in our society, and sometimes that is a reality, and sometimes it is ‘just bad timing”, and you are in a rut, or in transition, or going back and forth with a major decisions.  By all means if you cannot get “UNSTUCK,” get some help.  Help does not mean weakness, it means courage to find what is bothering you to cause your sadness.  I say this with importance, if you feel so sad, depressed, at things that I have mentioned above, get some help professionally.

Therapy is a journey in itself.  A good psychologist, therapist, will help you and guide you through what is bothering you.  Again, if you cannot solve your own issue, someone out there can help you..YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER……DI