Moving On After Tragedy and Loss

Loss is a difficult subject to talk about with anyone who has been faced with major—and sometimes devastating changes and disruptions to their lives.

As a friend, offer to listen, run an errand and be available to help with something if asked.  Sometimes individuals are just paralyzed by a major loss, and do not know how or where to turn for help.

If asked, acknowledgment, that is normal to feel sad and normal to grieve.  GRIEF if a safe way for individuals to talk and to share feelings with other by a leader who specializes in bereavement.  Trained people help in these situations.  Groups are a safe place to unload sadness, hurt, and to talk and share, and ultimately to begin to move on.  Most groups are a major way to be with others and to share feelings.

Writing in a diary about your feelings

Talking with a rabbi or clergy or grief therapist

Suggest doing thing to take care of you such as a massage or something out of the ordinary for yourself that is special.

Typing or writing a letter to the one that is loss is fabulous tool for grieving and keeping your feeling and the papers you write them on.  Some people use this as a ritual to help facilitate their feeling of sadness and begin to find their way.  I suggest typing or writing out feelings and, when ready and beginning to heal, pick a special place and a spot to bury the paper you have written those feeling on.  This ritual is helpful to actively do something to acknowledge the journey and the ending.