“I need to tell you one more time”

Poem by Diane Isaacs, daughter of Leah Fonstein

   You gave me life, nurtured me as a child, soothed away the pain, sorrow and tears as best you knew how.

   Thank you for my lifetime treasure, such as the gift of becoming a pianist,going to a private place where I can go in peace, and sit and play in a dimly lit room, being moved by the music I create…

   I need to tell you one more time…

   Thank you for the wonderful gift of poetry, because the outcome of the exposure to another place taught me to delve deeper into its world along with music, readin, and the written word.  This gift helped me create Molly and Monet and the other books that are sure to follow.

   I need to tell you one more time

      Our relationship will change from talking daily in the external world here on Earth, to our new relationship which will forever live in my heart and memory.

    I need to tell you one more time

   Please go in peace, and be free with no more pain…

   Leah Fonstein/Seiden – March 22, 1906-December 5,1999