“lines from a writings-Blue Skies..Bobby Miles”

How many things do you still want to accomplish in your lifetime?  Do you make goal lists? Dream lists? Things to do lists?  If you do, then you’re very much like me.

I look across the table at my stack of old journals.  A rainbow of faint colors looks back at me.  Within these faded covers, pages and pages of thoughts and feelings rest safely within worn bindings made secure by a variety of tape: scotch, masking, even some electrical.  Each page a living moment of my life as I make my way through the maze of time given to me.

Bobby Miles – a few words from “Blue Skies,”  from Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit- Published 2007

How many of us spend time keeping magazine articles, that are dog eared, and newspaper clippings, letters, and pictures, (which we intend to put in some order at some time?  The days fly.  The weeks pass quickly from one to another, and these lists and articles stay in their places, untouched.  They do have a magical way of becomming reality, by writing things down, either on a pad with a pencil or pen in hand or on our computer, saved, which we can go back to again. 

It was just New Years 2010.  Then it was still rainy in California with mud streaming down the mountains from the famous fire that took place in Southern California.  Rain, Rain, and very little sunshine.  Then it was Spring, glorious spring, with every day a longer day, and shorter night until June 21.  Then came the hope of a warm summer.  Not here in Southern California this year.  Just a bit too warm to get the chill out of your bones!  But now it is September, and the entire cycle begins again.  Do we still have the magazines, newspaper clippings, and pictures, untouched?  Perhaps because, a new beginning with the Fall, with the leaves turning in color, it is time to put aside these things we have saved to put into some order.  Who knows what we can do, when we put our minds at rest, and look at why we have saved what we have saved?  Think about it!   There must be a reason -Write about it!  Diane Isaacs, Ph.D