I have discussed this before thinking that a concussion would certainly improve drastically. I have decided to take the bull by the horns, and find out from others what we all seem to have in common.

Everyone, I speak with and work with including my own experiences, are: the symptoms of severe migraines or other headaches, fatigue, pain, pain where the concussion site occurred, eye issues, special need for glasses for light sensitivity, sleep disturbance, depression, Post traumatic stress disorder from the trauma, the need to obtain the right physicians or medical help, drugs, and do they work, length of the concussion, fear of it happening again, and on and on.

The psychological and sociological issues include the above, plus depression, and the major issues of family and loved ones, and friends, discounting your concussion, thereby leaving you, by not wanting to deal with you. There can be an element of such depression causing thoughts of suicide, and hopelessness.

This creates feelings of being alone, as others do not understand of are not empathetic.

People become desperate and search for alternative medical help, thus sometimes being taken advantage. Sometimes there is major confusion and disagreement between professionals helping you, and the constancy of light sensitivity and sound, and sensory overload, neck problems, from the fall or injury.

There are even some people who are identifying the concussion as a post brain injury syndrome.  It is important that any of us who have a concussion, identify your problem, as it was hopefully diagnosed correctly, and it is what it is.  As I read  on more about different people, I see as a psychologist, and professional, that we all need to have the right medical diagnosis, plus the correct directives for each of us to proceed to make our lives better, and to heal.

Some of the patients I speak of:    have serious issues, and struggle daily, to feel better, and have their lives back. Any doctor that tells you that a concussion is not a brain injury, means you need a new consultation.  I am not a movie critic, but the movie, the CONCUSSION, is definitely a movie that any of us with a concussion should see.

In many areas, including mine, they are universities, and therapies, that run groups for balance.  I have joined such a group, and it is my opinion that any of us that has suffered a concussion, needs any tool, in our toolboxes, to assist us to regain our former selves.

Be aware, I am writing this now 3 years out today.  Have things changed?  Since being diagnosed, I had a well known doctor miss a diagnosis of
Glaucoma, and AMD.  It was bad enough to be miss diagnosed, which caused my concussion, and now major vision loss, and now things have worsened eye wise.  I have a new team who keep me in check with drops, special vitamins, and I work out specializing in my balance and strength.  It still feels lonely, because people do not understand.  I must wear a hat for me, as I cannot stand the glare of neon or light, which makes my problems worse….Onward though………DI