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How many things do you still want to accomplish in your lifetime?  Do you make goal lists? Dream lists? Things to do lists?  If you do, then you're very much like me. I look across the table at my stack of old journals.  A rainbow of faint colors looks back at me.  Within these faded covers, pages and pages of thoughts and feelings rest

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Poem by Diane Isaacs, daughter of Leah Fonstein    You gave me life, nurtured me as a child, soothed away the pain, sorrow and tears as best you knew how.    Thank you for my lifetime treasure, such as the gift of becoming a pianist,going to a private place where I can go in peace, and sit and play in a dimly lit room, being moved by the

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This information was received from  a freind's cousin, Dorothy B....  Notes from a guest at Chelsea & Marc Wedding.  Few of us can only imagine, but someone was a friend, a guest, which is written by them.... Very view of us in this world will ever get an insight into one of the great social events of 2010 summer events.  This wedding