About Dr. Diane Isaacs

Dr. Diane R Isaacs, PhDDiane is remarried to the artist of her book Molly & Monet.  She has 4 grown children, and is empathetic to anyone who has to deal with life after a loss, and remarriage, and adult children’s issues. Diane is capable of counseling anyone who has to deal with chronic illness, death issues, grieving, loss of a job, community grieving issues, relationships, or who might enjoy the catharsis of speaking on telephone or internet. She is well versed in consultation with victims of violent crime.

Her expertise is a wide knowledge of any kind of loss. She is personally an expert in the disease of Fibromyalgia, where she has counseled individuals over telephone, writing and the internet, and is a national spokesperson for information on this disease.

Diane has published two papers, and been a speaker nationally and internationally. She has spoken and been guest on radio and television throughout the United States on her latest love, Molly & Monet, a grief book, that deals and shows through pictures drawn by her new husband-artist, how to go on with life, through her two beloved dogs, Molly & Monet.

Diane has formally been a business manager for her late husband and is well versed in how to cope financially after the death of a spouse, regarding investments, financial planning procedures, retirement preparation, disability and learning to go on with life.

Diane is now the publisher of Molly & Monet. Molly & Monet is a new book that is very unique and compelling in approach….storytelling, to tell the grieving process. Its individuality and uniqueness comes from the viewpoint of Dr. Isaacs’ two dogs, Molly & Monet.

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