August, 2013

High Up and Sitting Down! »

Why High Up?  it is pretty obvious, we look up at a giraffe because we are so enlightened by the marvel of nature.  This animal is the tallest in the animal kingdom.  Their height is used to good advantage to browse on leaves and buds in treetops that few other animals can reach.  Even the giraffe's tounge is long!  Their tounges help them

colored vegetables »

colored vegetables

Eat your Vegitables:  Vegetables are loaded with nutrients that protect against disease.  Mayo Clinic and others agree that the plant compounds in fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of hear disease.  They are good for weight control, and low in calories and high in fiber.  Fiber fills you up.  Eating fruits and vegetables will fill you up

Someone I Know »

Someone I Know

 View  from the Las Vegas Strip....Out of a famous Las Vegas Hotel Window....Something Important in the Making........


Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic, and widespread pain and/or tenderness lasting for a period of 3 months or longer. Fibromyalgia is a real medical condition, and one that can be managed. Some possible environmental triggers may include: A physically traumatic or stressful event, an emotionally stressful event, an infection. About

“Looking Up” »

“Looking Up”

  I am fascinated by the cloud formation over the area that I live.  This was photographed in the Angeles Crest Mountains of Southern California, after a storm, with the sky beginning to clear.  These puffy clouds, when I looked closely reminded me of loads of things that I could make up in my imagination, as to what these beautiful

Grandpere’s House” »

Grandpere’s House”

My Grandpere grew up in France. His name was Edouard.  He came to America before World War II began.  He was married to my Grandmere whose name was Henrietta. He ultimately brought many of his cousins and family over to America, so they would not be harmed by the war, in Europe.  Grandpere owned cattle in the San Fernando Valley when

Roses in my garden »

Red Roses  are the traditional symbol for love and romance.  Red Roses have been represented in many works of art, from classical paintings and poetry to modern day with music and media.  They are a source of inspiration throughout the ages.  Red Roses, are the common way to say, "I love you.' The Red Roses can be a symbol of love and

Roses in my garden »

Roses in my garden


My son Dr. Ross Isaacs continues his quest to help the »

My son Dr. Ross Isaacs continues his quest to help the poor…with RAM

this photo is an example of nurses, doctors, dentists, and volunteer staff working on patients at Ram in July 20l3 ....For more info, click on the following link..... Late July 20l3, another weekend for many doctors, dentists, and nurses, and volunteer staff that goes to