My son Dr. Ross Isaacs continues his quest to help the poor…with RAM

this photo is an example of nurses, doctors, dentists, and volunteer staff working on patients at Ram in July 20l3 ….For more info, click on the following link….. Late July 20l3, another weekend for many doctors, dentists, and nurses, and volunteer staff that goes to parts of the country where health care is not available.  RAM, Remote Area Medicine, is a well known volunteer group, of individuals who give their time, and talent, to treat the poor and those otherwise uninsured  in our country.  These individuals are devoted professionals whose goals are not to just make money in their professional responsibilities, but to provide the services, that those otherwise without medical care may never receive…..My son, Dr. Ross Isaacs continues to help, as he did in Haiti, and whenever the need is expressed, such as the disasters that happen too frequently.

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