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chronis illness and moving on: »

I have many patients with chronic disease.  Fibromyalgia is one of them. I have been a national advocate for the disease Fibromyalgia.  I have written for their magazine, and I have done pro-bono and paid therapy over the internet with people in the United States who have no means to get to a psychologist.  This diseases is a serious problem

Grief Areas That Can Be Utilized In Molly And Monet »

Grief Areas That Can Be Utilized In Molly And Monet

A Grief book written by Dr. Diane R. Isaacs, Ph.D Allegorically written through the eyes of two dogs, and sold all over Asia and United States Grieving is over when it is over.  Everyone takes their own time to go from the person they were with (the loved one they have lost in their lives), to the individuals they are going to be when they

Psychological Recovery from MASS TRAUMA »

As a grief therapist and psychologist who has worked on Columbine, and other school disasters, tornadoes and private grief with individual patients, There is stricking differences in individual grief and loss to mass grief and disaster trauma. Disasters such as earthquakes, tusnamis, school shootings, terror attacks, envoke deep feelings. 


Personal grief such as the loss of a spouse, child, friend, loved one is similar to the losses suffered by masses of people.   The main difference is the gravity of the situation which almost always includes post traumatic stress disorders.  Haiti has presented its own unique problems that all society must deal with when a large