FROM: THE VALLEY SUN NEWSPAPER: Thursday issue before Easter Sunday 20l3:


Easter Sunday marks the 35th anniversary of the shooting of my late husband, Dr. Mervyn Isaacs, It is now 20 years since his death. He was shot down in a parking lot in Pasadena and survived , only to suffer much illness and, later three liver transplants, as a result of that shooting. My husband was a well-known anesthesiologist in Pasadena, and an important part of this community. He had lived here since he was child.

At that time, violence from guns was almost unheard of in this area. Now it is so prevalent all over this country, including towns like Pasadena and Newtown, Conn. What a tragedy! What does that say for us?

I wrote a book called “Molly and Monet: about grief and loss, as told allegorically through the eyes of two dogs. It is avavilable through Amazon on Digital.

Life does go on for everyone. But victims of violent crime and their families are all faced with potential post traumatic stress disorder, as the horror of their experiences lives on. In most cases, life can never be the ssame. It is been my life’s work to help those with PTSD. I am now using “Molly and Monet” as a voice for speaking out for victims of PTSD. Criminals or those with mental illness should not be able to purchase guns. Background checks would help put a stop to this. It is tragic for all those who have suffered as a result of gun violence,the latest being Newton. WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS.