“Taking my Camera for a Walk”

One of my favorite things to do is to take my ” camera for a walk.” It is a wonderful thing my husband and I do for fun.  It is a tiring adventure, with your cameras being your tool, and very exhausting to capture the things you love.  I love boats in the water, especially work boats.  I also enjoy the process of digitally and artistically enhancing these wonderful boats.  I wonder what the lives are like of the people go out in these work boats to gather our food? I love to capture the things that captivate my eye, and take in the experience of shooting the picture, and changing the pictures either digitally, or painting, or both, or leaving my experience as is.

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Up the Pacific Coast in California  Digital and paint by:  Diane Isaacs, Ph.D


work boatsSanta Barbara Afternoon, at the pier:  Olympus Camera, digital, and mixed media, by:  Diane Isaacs, Ph.D

another santa barbara 2001 Jim 63 (3)

Off the coast in Monterey:  Olympus camera, photograph and mixed media:  By:  Diane Isaacs, Ph.D



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