POST CONCUSSION SYNDROME #101 …on and on it goes!

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In the past 2 days, there seems to be a conversation from a member who has not visited our conversations in a long time.  There was a conversation that started about living on, and seemingly to feel better, and voila! symptomatology began again.  Our member turned to the group, again validating the usefulness and importance of Post Concussion Syndrome Awareness UK & Worldwide.

The question posed to the group was: Did anyone have after feeling better, a PCS situation that caused much stress, and brought back symptoms that had disappeared for a long time? There seems to be an ebb and flow of different issues with a main theme.  That is a good things.

Many of us joined the conversation to answer and validate the truth of the issue.I have not heard recently about TMJ or Temporomandibular issues.  Many of us have this in addition to the concussion issues.  So many people validated this answer.

This kind of feedback from a group process is necessary and shows how a successful group works on line.  This group process is extremely successful professionally when working with any psychological problems in group setting.  Groups can be formed for all kinds. Marriages in trouble, are a fine example. Aspergers and women’s support groups are just a few that I have worked with.

These conversations change frequently, from one subject to another on living and coping with concussions.

This is called in concept:  Coping Strategies.  People turn to others with similar issues for support and to know that nobody is really alone.

Today, I would like to address how to forget even while you are hurting…

I encourage people with chronic illness and Fibromyalgia and other issues to be around positive people.  If you feel that you are out and about, and still feel lonely and down, one needs to question if the people you are spending your precious time with positive people, or happy people.  Are they conscious of good things?  Are the inter-reactions at lunch or an outing Positive?   Are they downers?  Do they make you feel like an outcast? Are they inclusive of your input? How do you feel when you leave the group?  Are you more down than when you decided to jump in and join friends and acquaintances for a afternoon or night out?  You get the idea!  If not, perhaps one should re-think about spending less time with these individuals and making room for more positive relationships in your life.  Bottom line:  Has the relationships, now that you have a concussion and are dealing with a multitude of problems healthy or TOXIC?  Important point to re-evaluate !!!!!