Now I have some perspective.  It is almost 8 months, since I suffered a concussion.  foolishly, I thought, this too will pass, and it will get better and better.  Denial is really present.  As a professional who deals with all kinds of issues, now this was about me.

I did all the things one should do as advised by my physicians.  Foolishly, I thought that every day I might wake up with no symptoms, and this would all disappear.  Not so fast!  At first the doctors told me about 6 months.  Now I know that was to placate me, and not make me dwell on the actuality of what was going on.

They have had me try different therapies, which seemed to make things worse.  6 months into this problem, I went back to the specialist, who went over things again.

I still talk with the group of a private organization on line to share with others with a concussion.  It is very helpful, especially when one is so frustrated.

In discussion with my physician who is closely following me, and sees this all the time, I mentioned the group on line.  What I have found, is all kinds of victims of a concussion going to specialist after specialist. It makes one wonder their own choice of a doctor to help them.  My well known physician who is well known for concussions, shared with me why people go from specialist to specialist to find a cure. People become desperate, and in a group or talking with others, who have taken months for their problem to go away, they become frustrated and listen to the others and incorporate their own problems with those they are talking too.  Results are sufferers from depression going from specialist to specialist searching and searching, when many times you need TIME.  Now I understand, that people are searching for any cure from any doctor who will fix their repercussions of a concussion. I think that the group is a good thing, to share, and to be there, as your friends and family cannot and will not listen.  A group is a wonderful place to vent your frustrations, and your improvements.  As a professional psychologist, groups are a marvelous way to have people interact to share and be a support system, which the concussion group is on line, and is private. Groups of all kinds can and do create change. I think taking others thinking of doctors they are seeing, and incorporating their issues which might be very different than yours, into your own behavior and symptoms  are searching.  All of us want to get better yesterday!

Now I know, you need someone who is in charge, the right tests, the right referral, and time and following your doctor’s instructions.  We all get frustrated, and want the symptoms to go away, but healing takes time and patience, and perseverance, and support.  For me, this is what I am going to do.  In the last visit of about l l/2 hours, I was told,  to forget vestibular exercises, and the do’s and don’ts of what needs to happen. He said, “go about your life, and do what you can do, stay away from the things that escalate your problems, like light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity.

For me special eye drops l2 times a day, and go about your life, and it will slowly heal, and it will probably take l8 months or so.  Most importantly, regain your balance, and walk, and if things feel good, do them, and if they don’t avoid them, and ever so gradually, re-enter the things into your live.  Rest, and slowly, get your life back.  There are l000’s of falls in and around us, causing emotional and physical pain. So, that is what I plan to do, stay with my primary, and this specialist, and slowly, and ever so slowly, things seem to get better, and then they go backwards.

Kids in sports, and parents helping these kids engage in the sports need to be aware of preventing accidents to cause these concussions.  As adults, it is amazing how many people you talk to who have suffered a hit on the head or an accident, or whatever, and they too have recovered or have concussion. I guess I am advocating prevention, and awareness of your surroundings.

What I want to address here is something I will discuss in another posting, and this is true for some of my own practice as a psychologist, as well as people I have met on line or my own acquaintances, and that is the tendency to leave, or depart or take a vacation from the friendship. Friends and acquaintances, do not wish to have the interaction with someone who has a physical disability.  This is a subject, I will address later in another posting……DIIMG_2840