Well, I have lived with this concussion business for over 33 months now. I have attempted to make life busy to psychologically deal with the aftermaths.

Unlike most of us who are hit on the head, fall, have an accident,  or suffer some sort of trauma, or our kids playing soccer, football, or other sports who become injured.

my story turns out to be as follows

I fell in my bathroom, down 3 steps, I knew I was going down. I felt it in my body, and in my mind. I fell against a tile sink, hitting my head on the left side. I was going for my left shoulder, as I knew a head injury could be disastrous, but I not only hit my arm, but mostly the left temple of my head

my doctor who I have know for over 30 years, sent me to a wonderful neuro/opthamologist, who diagnosed me with a TBI, (traumatic brain injury). I have spoken about this before, but it is now that I will share the lasting consequences. I immediately went to my opthamologist. He did not pick up something very simple. After months of suffering, the TBI specialist, insisted I see another ophthalmologist, who immediately diagnosed me with Glaucoma. If the original doctor had caught it, from my complaints of severe light sensitivity, I would have not only not fallen, but the disease of Glaucoma would have been caught. As a result, I had already lost 1/2 of my vision.

So at this time, this is where I am medically. Am I angry? Yes, as a doctors family, and being a psychologist myself. Honesty and integrity especially with patients is mandatory. Lazy medical care is unacceptable.  Bad medical care can be disastrous.  Especially, my late husband a well known physician whose emphasis was on the correct diagnosis and management of care, plus a son who has 3 specialties.  Correct diagnosis, along with quality care, honesty, integrity, have always been a basis for medical care in our family.  It should be the basis for all medical care.  If a doctor does not know what he is doing, send the patient out.