yesterday, my husband and I were sitting on the patio with a gentleman who was completing our Solar Installation.

We sat down, in our backyard to look at what had just transpired.  A fine Hispanic gentleman, began to talk.  He had been here before to look at what we needed to do, and to supervise the installment of Solar.

He asked why I had bars on the doors to my entrance?  This is what began this marvelous conversation with a stranger, but one who we ultimately felt we had so much in common and had known for many years.

I told him, that I was a victim of a violent crime, and that my late husband had died after l5 years from a gunshot.  We talked back and forth and he was stunned, as most people are when I disclose and talk about this subject.  My current husband, who I have been married to for over 20 years, also lost his wife, from diabetic complications.  This fine man, also said, that he married after his prom, and had a beautiful daughter and a wonderful wife.  He also said and continued, that he worked in a shop scooping icecream cones, as at the time he was 22.  The three of just just sat and talked.  He further disclosed, that that wife had died from Cancer, and had left him with a 4 year old.

What the 3 of us had in common, has that we all healed from group therapy and grief therapy, so that we could go on with our lives.

The conversation which lasted 45 minutes or so, was intimate, and quite joyous, to sit with the 3 of us from very different walks of life, and discuss how we recovered to go on with our lives, and become happy again, without loosing our feelings for our loved ones.

My husband and I were stunned, as he left, and we probably will never see this man again, said:  “Thank you for this wonderful conversation.”  It had made him remember a sad time, and now a happy time, where he successful and living again….

How wonderful it is to be brave enough to speak with people.  You never know what treasured conversation you can have…….Never to forget this conversation…….DI

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdigital collage of Giraffe at San Diego Zoo…..Shooting picture and drawing and creating art makes me happy.  Do the things you love, and love the things you do.  This is life……….DI



IMG_1930 Photo shot after the STORM in La Canada,20l4, end of winter….