COMMENTS:   RE:  Post Concussion Syndrome….In their own words……

The following are a few comments from Post Concussion survivors, who are daily attempting to cope, and find new ways to be:

I am one of those, who is only 5 l/2 months into this dilemma.  I never ever understood what others with a concussion went through, until, now I am the one who is trying to cope with a medical condition.

The thoughts below are from people who belong to a Post Concussion Syndrome Site:  This group was formed out of London, and has over 3300 members on line. They are a wonderful support group for those suffering from a concussion. There are athletes, children, adults, men and women from all walks of life.  Some people have fallen and hurt themselves old and young.  Sometimes the falls are down steps, or off of tables trying to pin something on a wall.  Some are from accidents, and everyone can imagine how this happens.  Then there are those that have had multiple hits on the head.  Some are out and do not remember.  Some are young, and some are older.  Men or women, it does not matter.

Facebook has been a wonderful tool for this specific group.  It allows people to express their feelings and even ask for advice.  When a husband, child or grown children do not wish to think about a parent, or a loved one, and one is frustrated with his or her own predicament, that changes from day to day and hour to hour, then this group is a wonderful instrument to get help from just the consolation and inspiration of others.

Families, or adult children, and friends, do not want to hear about various pains and conditions caused by a concussion.  Everyone is different, and in some instances have similar issues.  This wonderful tool, of writing, which I highly believe in allows for the release of stress and also permission giving and support of strangers from all over the world.  Writing in a Facebook Group which one can privately message in, also has the ability for making real friends, from the same town.

Academically, the art of writing, in a journal or a notebook, or a diary is a healing method to cope with any medical issue.  Your thoughts can spread out over the page.  Only you can choose to divulge your problems.  This psychologically is very healing.  You can share what you wish publically, or to a message from the group, or you can choose to keep it to yourself in diary format.

I have used journaling for therapy and my practice for 30 years.

I intend  to document my progress with this demon. People really do not understand. Even families tend to diminish or discount this medical condition.  As a psychologist, I get it, as I have had patients with illness.  People tend to leave people, such as friends, and even families.  Why is that?  That is because, people are fearful, if it happened to you, then it can happen to them, or it can be a mirror, that people to not want to look into, or academically, and psychologically, people do not want to be around someone who has medical issues.  They do not know what to say, do when, really it is quite simple.

These are some excerpts from what peoples feelings are public on Facebook to have shared with everyone, who belongs to the group.

One person has written;  “life circumstances and symptoms will hopefully diminish, and change, and one begins to learn to adapt to your new abilities.”

Another wrote:  “It is incredibly difficult to let go of who you were.  I use the term I’m version 2.0 now. I cried for years, and yelled at God (literally at the sky in the middle of the night).  My neighbors probably think I was cuckoo, and honestly  wanted to die.  I suffered a major setback one day, but I am still fighting.  What keeps me going is the fact I believe.  As silly as it might be that tomorrow is a new day and maybe I can get a glimpse of version l.0 come through.  I somehow was able to take it for years, but I mentally can’t anymore.  My brain won’t allow it anymore.  Depression is awful, but you can fight it.  I have been knocked down too many time to count, but I always hope.  I know it is not me just struggling.  It helps.  You’re never alone.”

Someone else wrote:  ” For me it was keeping my sense of style.  2 l/2 years out, and I am dressing like my old self. on my good days.”

“Does depression from those long term survivors notice it gets better or stays the same?  Give me some good advice, I’m struggling her.”

Written above is a few samples of what is current with some of the Post Concussion survivors, and members of this fantastic group.

Also, is a commentary by me, who is also struggling with this demon.

Hopefully, this will be a help to all who have a concussion or going through this.  Maybe it will also assist others who are suffering a major medical crisis and having to cope.

Good medical help, consultation with others in the same situation, writing, talking, and not hiding, and taking good care of your own self and your own injured soul, and a healthy outlook, and the attitude, that this too shall ultimately pass…..More later, DI